I am Legend 2 A New Hope for Mankind

If you think you’ve had it all in I am Legend, you better brace yourself for more to come in I am Legend 2. It has been in the talks that Will Smith will reprise his role and Francis Lawrence remains in the director’s chair. News has it that D. B. Weiss is assigned to write the script for the upcoming movie. Everybody is wise enough to continue with the franchise that grossed more than $584 million worldwide. But how would Warner Bros. Pictures do that when Will Smith was killed when he tried to get the cure in the first movie?

I am Legend 2  A New Hope for MankindThe answer is to make a prequel. Having that said, I am Legend 2 will revolve around the time before the events in the first movie took place. For a quick recall, I am Legend is a post-apocalyptic movie that tells the story of a man who tries to survive while finding a cure to the man-made virus that swept humanity away – or rather turned most of the humans to something that is undead. The said virus was originally made to cure humans from cancer. Unfortunately, something went wrong. The world depended on the lone survivor, Robert Neville. Neville, who was a virologist, was immune to the virus. The story is based on the 1954 novel of the same name written by Richard Matheson.

So in 2008, Lawrence announced that there would be a prequel that will tell what happened to Neville before the virus broke out in New York City. According to Smith, Neville’s team will have to travel from NY to Washington DC and back. Like the first movie, I am Legend 2 will tackle the premise of being alone. The tough part, according to Lawrence, is how they are going to tell it in a different way. However, Lawrence announced on May 3, 2011 that the prequel is dead and is not going to happen.

So what about the second I am Legend? Well, Warner Bros. Pictures released an alternate ending that is way too far from the ending of the theatrical release. The alternate ending makes a sequel possible so there are no more reasons for you to fret because you are going to see I am Legend 2. After all, critics received the alternate ending well. So it won’t be that bad if you think that the alternate ending is the right ending because another door opens and that door will let the sequel in.

According to news, author Richard Matheson signed off on rights over the sequel. That should be enough basis for Warner Bros. to get their peace of mind and move on with the I am Legend franchise.

Moreover, there have been a great stir among fans who have seen both the theatrical release ending and the alternate ending. A lot of people were really surprised as to how the alternate ending went. What was good about it is that there is new hope for mankind. Another thing worth noting is that the zombies were as well intelligent and emotional. Besides, Neville’s survival is what makes him a legend so most of the audience thought that the alternate is the more appropriate ending.

According to a fan who didn’t like the alternate ending, the theatrical release is enough. The alternate has made the movie “corny,” something that you should not take seriously. So in a way, a sequel is not necessary but a prequel may really do.

But producers will stop at nothing just to make a sequel; even if it is a reboot or a remake. And enough proof is the present development of the second I am Legend film. To see what’s in store for you, watch the trailer online. Trailers for the part one are also available so do not hesitate to look for a quick recap.

Other information about the specific plot details, release date and the like is yet to be available so be sure to check for updates so that you don’t get outdated. Amidst all comments, reactions and expectations, the best thing is to wait for the real thing. Come 2013, an action-packed film will hit the screens again and you will witness the why a there is a new hope waiting for mankind. It may be a long wait but if you cannot wait to get the exact info, here’s a hint: I am legend 2 will hit the theaters in 2013.